Oh fickle Fate


Oh fickle Fate,
That threw me out into the world alone,
A man whose heart was made to love, you cast
Me in a desert there to die, my bones
To lie in testament to those who pass
Them slowly by but give no second glance.

Oh fickle Fate,
You forged me strong and though your puzzles vex
They shall be overcome with work and time,
And then that member of the fairer sex
Shall have my heart and She will say, “You’re mine…”,
Your obstacles? They do not stand a chance.

Oh fickle Fate,
All those miles between us are just distance,
And distance is defeated step by stride,
For I have the will, I have the patience,
To breach that chasm, be it e’er so wide,
Then holding Her, my Po and I shall dance.

Oh fickle Fate,
The game is won! Throw in the towel I say,
For when My Lady’s heart is finally won
Her ‘dawg’ and Her will get to have their day,
Their week, their year, their life, and then the Sun
Will never set upon their True Romance.

Martin Graham King © 2017