April 6, 2015


April 6, 2015

She said
“How do you love me?”

I said
“Like I am a bear and you are the Spring,
Like I am a desert and You are the Rain,
Like I am a fire and you are the Wind,
Like I am a compass and You are North.”

She said
“How long will you love me?”

I said
“When the last mountain turns to sand,
When the seven seas have all dried up,
When the last star, in the last galaxy
Flickers and winks out,
When I am less than dust,
My Love for you will still burn brightly…”

She said
“Don’t forget me”

I said

“Would a beach forget the sea?
Would a honeybee forget the flower?
Would a river forget its spring?
Would the Earth forget the Sun?”


© 2015 Martin Graham King
Image sourced on Pinterest (all rights remain with the creator)


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