February 4, 2015


February 4, 2015

As she opened the door the first thing I saw was her smile.
Her lips told me one story, but her eyes told me a different tale.
She was holding back tears with a strength I marvelled at,
yet I wished she would share her pain with me.

Even now
Her happiness is my happiness,
Her pain is my pain.
Even when she thinks she has it locked away
I can feel it in her.

My heart has been keyed to hers from the moment we first met,
but something always stops her from unlocking the cage and letting me in.
Fear, so I suppose, of being hurt again,
but I could no more hurt her than chew off my own ear.


Prose Poem © 2015 Martin Graham King
Image sourced on Google Images (all rights remain with the creator)


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