You spoiled me,
just by being You
A taste
A touch
A feel
of the sublime,
Your Beauty,
enough to 
take my breath away,
even still… 
Your face, my god the face
I’ve seen smile
a million times,
till You ached,
with the tears of hurt,
but Beautiful
even still…
Strong, so Strong
Yet within You
a vulnerability
few have seen…
… but I have…
An eternity of words
wouldn’t be enough 
to expound upon Your
The source of the 
Real Beauty
that captured first
My Heart…
And captured it was…
… is…
so totally enthralled
the rest of womankind
to exist,
even still…
I could yell Your name from the rooftops,
shouting to the stars,
But could I tell You
to Your face?
Not for lack of courage,
but for a surfeit
of realism,
for I know Your answer
in my Heart….
But I’ll still dream
The Impossible Dream….
So You see,
You spoiled me
just by being You
How could anyone else compare???
They can’t…..


© 2014 Martin Graham King

Image sourced on Pinterest (all rights remain with the creator)


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