Annabel Lee by David Garcia Forés

Artwork by David Garcia Forés


Look at me with your heart, not with your eyes,
For your sweet heart sees only what is true,
Sees past the mask, sees under the disguise,
And I, for one, would never lie to you,
And listen to me with your naked soul,
Feel my words inside you burning bright,
Telling of my Love, selfless and whole,
Love unconditional by Day and Night,
Belovéd, will a smile play ‘cross your face,
When deep within you feel my Love for you?
Will your heart a-flutter, your pulse race,
When in your soul you come to see I’m true?
I long ago had this epiphany,
My heart belongs to you eternally.


Martin G. King © 2014
Image painted by David Garcia Forés (and used without permission)


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