Grocery List ..


Apples (Do You remember when we walked through that orchard and)
Wild Mushrooms (were growing under the trees, and when we walked through the village)
Coconut (shells full of bird food were hanging from the trees in each garden,)
Red Roses (were blooming, filling the air with their soft scent and)
Spring water (gurgled and bubbled down that tiny stream under the humpbacked bridge and)
Kale (and)
Cauliflower (and)
Potatoes (and)
Carrots (were growing in the fields, and then we came to the river and watched the)
Trout (swimming about looking for insect larvae for lunch. We sat on the bank eating our)
Cheese (sandwiches made with fresh)
Unsliced bread (before we left home that morning in July. Then we ate)
Strawberries (and)
Raspberries (for dessert, and washed it all down with)
Orange juice (and then we headed home, threw our clothes in the washer with)
Washing powder (and)
Fabric conditioner (before jumping into the shower, washing each other with)
Shower gel (and that fancy)
Shampoo (You always choose, and brushing our teeth with minty)
Toothpaste (before putting Your pink toothbrush next to my blue one)


Martin G. King © May 26, 2014
Image by Kevin Buckland (all rights remain with the creator)



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