How to start the perfect day?

How to start a perfect day?

The smell of fresh linen sheets
The soft Shhhh sound as You turn over under them,
The lingering scent of You on my pillow,
The dawn sunlight peeking between the curtains,
The lustrous, pale brown where the beams fall on Your skin,
The cheerful ‘chirrup’ of the ‘one that got the worm’,
The kiss is softly place upon Your still sleeping lips,

The gurgle of the coffee brewing in the pot,
The muffled thud as the broadsheet falls to the welcome mat,
The whistle of the paperboy walking down the path,
The tinkle of muesli hitting the bowl,
The ‘chutch’ of toast popping up,
The warm aroma of croissants,
The stifled yawn You try to hide as You sit at the table
The shirt You’re wearing because it smells like me,
The way You say “Sugar, come back to bed…”


Martin G. King © May 26, 2014
Image sourced on Google Images (all rights remain with the creator)



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