First dance ..


First dance

The first time I danced with the Woman I Love was in April 2007. We didn’t dance the Tango, neither did we Waltz, Cha-Cha, do the Twist or the Hot Potato.
On that glorious, sunny day the dance C_____ and I performed in front of a live audience, was the ‘Paso-Uno’, that subtle, gentle dance of two hearts learning about each other, looking for the way in, a soft probing of the psyche, words pirouetting as two disparate souls move ever closer, slowly becoming entwined. The music, unheard by all bar C_____ and I, was the acapella melody of our voices, a beautiful duet, improvised, but no less perfect for that.
The culmination of our dance was when I moved Her coffee cup to one side, leaned forward, and gently placed a kiss upon Her trembling, but willing lips.
Never before, nor since, have I tasted anything as divine as those sweet lips.
C_____ and I still dance to this day, circling in toward each other then away, but we are always close, for the music of that first dance still plays in our hearts.
Will You dance again with me soon my Love?


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