In a single hour ..



In a single hour ..

I have Loved Thee since first Thy lips stroked mine,
The moment my heart was given cause to beat,
And I was blessed, yes blessed, for all of time
To be Thy man; and Thee performed this feat
By being Thee in all Thy Fire and Grace.
Should any man profess his love to Thee
Know this; he could love Thee through time and space
And for a thousand years and not love Thee
As much I Love Thee in a single hour,
For Thou art open to this heart of mine
That sees Thy strength and feels Thy power,
Yet knows the softness very few can find,
That hides within Thy tender, Loving soul,
Amidst the Love that burns there like a coal.


Sonnet by Martin G. King (© May 19, 2014)
Image sourced on Google Images (all rights remain with the creator)


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