The King and Queen of Hearts



A word, an image, a brief connection,
Gift the merest touch of Thy consciousness,
And I am lost, drowning in affection
For Thee, my Love, my warrior Princess,
I urge Thee, come, stand next Thy faithful King,
Come stand with me and be Queen of my Heart,
My belovéd Quaintrelle, I am asking
Thee to be, not just the Muse to my art,
But wear upon Thy head Thy Crown of Flame
And rule with me the fabled Land of Us,
My heart is full of song as I declaim
That I Love Thee Lady, truly, no fuss,
Just endless, eternal, devotion to Thee,
Thou art The One who holds the heart of me.


Sonnet by Martin G. King © May 16, 2014
Image sourced on Google Images (all rights remain with the creator)


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