Soliloquy 1



Soliloquy 1

Is it better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved at all?
To have loved is to have reached
The highest a man may reach within
His span upon this, God’s greensward.
To have not is to never have known
That Paradise is to be found within
The arms and heart of Thy Beloved,
But this knowledge is no benison
To me whose One True Love now lies
Beyond my reach, lost to the comforts
Of another’s touch, all that remains
For this poor wretch is the coldness
Of the hearth upon my return from my
Sojourn through the world, the only light
And heat the candle of Hope I light daily
In Thy sweet name, that I tend with the care
I wouldst tend upon Thee were Thee
Here next to me. Should I wait? I can
Do no other if my Love is True,
And True it is and strong, for Thou
Art a part of me my Beloved C_____,
I wish to reach my greatest heights once more,
For that I need Thee stood here at my side,
But there are things I must struggle not to wish,
For I wouldst not wish upon Thee pain,
Just so Thee wouldst be free to be with this
Man who Loves Thee with every fibre
Of his being. My Muse, my Love, Thy
Happiness is all I seek, even should that
Cause me hurt I wouldst gladly, and with joy,
Water the tree of Thy content with my tears,
My sufferage a bargain price to pay,
For Thee to blossom.


Soliloquy by Martin G. King © May 10, 2014
Image sourced on Google Images (all rights remain with the creator)


4 thoughts on “Soliloquy 1

      • I accomplished the unthinkable-I’ve gotten over her. It randomly happened the other day, but all of a sudden it was like lightning struck my brain and consumed all the feelings and pain I had for that one girl who was tormenting my existence with her unrequited love. I feel like-nope, no flowery prose-I’m free.

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