‘Twas my eyes fell In Love with Thy beauty,
Drinking deep of the brightness of Thy smile,
Adoring each of Thy red curls they see,
Loving Thy face e’er more with each glance while
My mind fell head over heels for Thy mind,
Eternally seduced by Thy thoughts, Thee,
Dear, have a mind the like I couldst not find
Should I search till Time’s end; I couldst ne’er find
Another like Thee, nor would I wish to,
For Thy Soul has taken mine prisoner,
Shining, as it does, its Red hot light through
The ebon darkness to me, Thy suitor,
Should thee read these honest words, writ by me,
Know the Truth, all of me Loves all of Thee.


Shakespearean Sonnet by Martin G. King © May 8, 2014
Image sourced on Google Images (all rights remain with the creator)


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