The pain that I would banish with a Kiss ..



My cloak across a puddle I will lay,
The words here in my Heart to thee I’ll say,
Thy pain that I will banish with a kiss,
It’s only thee each day my Love I miss,
Thy voice I’ll listen to the whole night through,
I’ll stay awake to hear thy breathing too,
I’ll wake thee with a kiss upon thy lips,
And hold thee close, my hands upon thy hips,
I’ll brush thy hair and whisper words so sweet,
And paint each tiny toe upon thy feet,
I’ll kiss from off thy cheeks thy salty tears,
And Love thee ever stronger through the years,
I’ll build with thee Our safe eternal home,
And run thee baths with candles and with foam,
I’ll fill thy life with Love and safe thee keep,
Protecting thee awake and when thee sleep,
I’ll make thee laugh, I’ll make thee smile and play
Sweet music loud and quiet through the day,
I’ll give thee space when that is what thee need,
And good and healthy food to thee I’ll feed,
I’ll comfort thee when sadness rules thy heart,
And from thee I will never my heart part,
I’ll honour thee with kisses and with hugs,
And in the morning fill our coffee mugs,
I listen to thee, hearing every word,
Thy wisdom in the voice of a songbird,
I Love thee more than thee will ever know,
But each and every day I’ll try and show
Thee with each word I say, each deed for thee
That I perform, just what thee means to me.


Words by Martin G. King © 2014
Image sourced on Google Images


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