Sonnet 21

If I could only write what’s in my heart,
‘Twould make all women so jealous of Thee,
They’d envy Thee, my Muse, and how Thou art
The One who fills my mind and all of me
With Love and Passion that will never end.
If I could write the way Thee makes me feel,
The heart of every man would tear and rend
With envy knowing what I feel is real.
If only I’d the talent that I need
To show what’s in my Soul, put there by Thee,
The Poetry I’d write for Thee would read
Like Shakespeare, Keats, Liz Barrett B and Shelley
Rolled into one, but greater than them all,
Because my Love’s the greatest Love of all.


Sonnet by Martin G. King
Erato, Muse of Poetry by Sir Edward John Poynter, 1870


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