To the Lady with the marvelous smile ..

To the Lady with the marvelous smile,
Couldst Thee turn Thy beauteous face my way?
And open Thy ears and Thy Heart a while,
I have words of import I wish to say,

Thy aforementioned smile sets my Heart to sing,
Thy mind so broad and yet so sharp and keen,
A wit that oft has caused my ears to ring,
Yet only in a kindly way, ne’er mean,

Thy kisses, oh Thy kisses that start a
Tremble in my frame and have my lips afire,
The passionate enfoldments I seek are
Those to be found within Thy arms, no higher

Place could there be than to be clasped to Thy
Bosom whilst the world fades away like mist
Neath the golden eye aloft in the sky.
Deny me and close the door upon my kist.

Yet whilst Thy strength emboldens Thy suitor,
I have borne witness to Thy fragile Heart,
Thy tears that burned hot upon my shoulder
As I longed to tear the transgressor apart,

I fear Thou art afeared to free Thy Love,
Afeared to place Thyself at risk of pain,
I say, my sweet and darling Ladylove,
Thy catharsis I wouldst be and so remain.

Hast Thee realised yet my Love for Thee?
If Thee were a colour Thou wouldst be Red,
Thy passion, as any with eyes canst see,
Glows bright in each hair on Thy blesséd head,

Ach, these blandishments to Thee must seem stale,
For Thee hast heard the same and no doubt more
From greater men than than this poor wretched male,
Who comes a tap-tap-tapping at Thy door,

But know this to be true my belovéd,
Tis Thee I yearn to Love and to protect,
I stand afore Thee Heart and Soul ungloved
And set upon a velvet cush, I respect
Thee, I admire Thee, I truly Love Thee,
If Thee wouldst only send a sign to me,
To signal that my missive hast not gone
Unnoticed? And with that plea I am done.


Words: Martin G. King ©2014
Image sourced on Google Images



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