The finest beer ..



Image“Render me a pint”, the Major said,
And picking up the glass, admired its head,
“Neville sir, this pint appears supreme,
The beer a copper hue, the head pale cream,
A masterpiece of English Brewery Art
That proves our native Ale’s a breed apart”,
Then raising up his elbow to the Sun,
He quaffed the amberous nectar down in one,
Neville (for he’s the Landlord in this piece),
Replied with both a smirk and some caprice,
“the beer this sultry evening that You sup,
This ale You’ve drained so quickly from Your cup,
Hails from the Emerald Isle across the sea,
Tis brewed from ‘tater skins and donkey pee…”,
“You dastard!” cried the Major with chagrin,
“no longer shall I patronise this Inn!”
And as the door behind the Major closed,
The Landlord of The Slaughtered Pig reposed,
then took a swig of good old English stout,
“This is the finest beer without a doubt…”

Words: Martin G. King


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