I reach out ..


I reach out to take Your hand,
but all I grasp is air,
I turn to whisper in your ear,
but You simply are not there
I pour You up a cup of tea,
and it stays there cold undrunk,
beside the two stale biscuits
set there for You to dunk,
I ask You what You’d like to eat,
but I don’t get a reply,
I cook enough to feed us both
to make the time pass by,
I wrote a book of poems
in which I poured my heart,
but all it does is gather dust
it’s love it can’t impart,
I roll o’er in bed to snuggle up,
slip my arm around your waist,
but when I go to kiss You
it’s pillow that I taste,
everything I do my Love,
I do with You in mind,
I work toward that fateful day
Your heart’s no longer blind.


Words: Martin G. King
Image: Rui Luz


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