Mackerel Belly Evening Sky


The peachy coloured
mackerel belly evening sky
the two of us,
sipping wine
around the fire
and looking up
at the amazing sunset,
a freshly caught fish
cooking on the embers,
gentle sizzling
the soft
of the lakeside wavelets,
he lay there
and handsome,
we skinny dip,
the water still warm
from the heat of the day,
splashing like teenagers
carefree and care less,
shaking the water
from our hair
like wet dogs,
we dry by the fire
sharing the smoky
fish flesh,
We move closer,
lips and bodies
and the knife
him like he
that bitch,
sliding easily between
his ribs,
into his heart,
the setting Sun
in his dying eyes,
his last beautiful sunset,
I clean him like the fish,
lights and lungs…

He always said he’d
give me his
I don’t think he meant
Quite this literally….


Words: Martin G. King
Image: John Leslie/Alamy


One thought on “Mackerel Belly Evening Sky

  1. This is the second uniquely different poem that I’ve read on this blog today. I commend you for your distinctive voice. Nice work.

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