Mary and Jeeves (a cautionary tale)



Mary was a chambermaid,
As chaste as she could be,
But ev’ry time Jeeves saw her,
His heart it would stampede,
He chased her up the hallways,
He chased her down the stairs,
But never could he catch that girl,
Completely unawares,

Till one day in the library
‘neath the portrait of His Nibs,
Jeeves pinned her to the mantle
And he kissed her luscious lips,
She squirmed and turned and ducked and writhed,
Desp’rate to be free,
Till She wriggled from his lechers grasp,
Running fast as She could flee,

Straight down to the kitchen
Her lissom legs did pound,
Slamming shut the kitchen door
She turned to stand her ground,
Jeeves thundered in and made for Her,
So Mary grabbed a knife,
And with a deft wrist movement
Made him useless to his wife,

The moral of this story is
There is no moral really,
Except beware of maids with knives,
Or You may lose Your willy ..


Words: Martin G. King
Image: Unknown


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