I remember the first time I saw You,
I remember like it was yesterday,
The sun was shining and the sky was blue,
Long, long legs all wrapped up in denim jeans
And you were beautiful, so so beautiful.

I remember our first tentative kiss
As I leaned over the coffee cups and,
Nervous as a kitten, kissed your soft lips,
And held your warm, trembling hand in my own,

Then holding you so close in the car park,
Both of us shaking like leaves in the wind.
I felt like I was kissing an Angel
And I was.

Do you remember sitting on the seafront?
Cuddled up with the man whose heart you stole?
And all the while I was learning YOUR heart,
We walked in the sunshine, your hand in mine
Like giddy teenagers drunk on happiness,
And then ate chips with our greasy fingers.
Then you were gone and I felt so empty.

Remember the time you first kicked my ass?
Stretched out on the floor like a wild panther,
Feet snuggled up in your Uggs and all of
Seventy four inches of legs in grey nylons
Close enough to just reach out and touch,
But I couldn’t, so near and yet…. So far.

The last time you easily kicked my ass
Just after I had cooked you Your dinner,
Sat on beanbags as the sun disappeared,
And more than one bottle of red wine too!
I fell asleep that night, staring at the
Ceiling and the painting over the headboard,
Waking in the morning to the sound of tears,
You’re incredibly, amazingly strong,
But even you have a point where you’ll snap,
So I held you while your heart was breaking,
But you didn’t know mine was breaking too.

I still feel sorry for your feet (I’m sorry!!!)
Watching the film but wanting, no needing,
Yearning to be looking at you instead.
But not daring to in case you caught me,
Because You were beautiful then, just as
You will always be beautiful to me,
And you’re forever with me, here in my heart.



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