Sonnet Three



I want a divorce from my companion,
A clean break, never to be seen again
In this world or the next, an exclusion
Order, no matter what, where, who or when.
Like an opponent, my arch-enemy,
A Moriarty to my Sherlock Holmes,
Performing emotional sodomy,
Forever railing on my ancient bones
Morning, noon and night. Pressurising me,
Keeping me hidden under lock and key
At the whims of nonexistent mercy.
This can’t go on. Am I ever to be free
Of this curse of solit’ry distress?
Oh how I loathe and hate you Loneliness.


Words: Martin Graham King
Image: Thiago Lopes


5 thoughts on “Sonnet Three

    • Thank You Becky! I do love a good Sonnet, it’s my preferred form when writing. I dabble with the odd Villanelle, Sestina, Triolet or other “classical” form, but the Sonnet is my favourite by far. I’m glad You found some merit in this piece 🙂

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