Exercise on ‘Lethologica’


Lethologica: the inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word.


I woke up this… Errr…
Stretched, yawned, rolled over
And threw back the… Umm…
Swung my feet out of thingy
And shuffled down to the whasisname
For a squirt.
Washed my hands and face then
Realised I’d forgotten the fluffy floppy object
And had to flap my hands like a demented
Feathery flying thing to get them dry.
I looked in the shiny flat thing,
Fuck, my eyes look like pissholes
In the crunchy rain.
My middle bit is growling
Like a furry thing bigger than a cat,
Smaller than a horse that’s been prodded
With a sharp piece of a tree.
I need some charred, square,
Cardboardy stuff spread with
Solidified milk skimmings and a
Ceramic container full of hot,
Brown water squeezed from leaves.
Gawd, I’m not good in the
Start to the day.




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